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Hi we are using Act Premium 2010 v 12

Waht exactly is the advantage of making groups, as in the contats we have a field that indicates the type of industry already and we can select this and then we have the same contacts as in the group


Txs Marc

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Re: groups

There are two types of groups, static and dynamic.  With static, you put a contact in and he stays there until you take him out.  (Good for People I met at a trade show, holiday cards list, event attendees, etc).  Dynamic groups are based upon a cryteria or a search.


Organized properly, groups are a great way of keeping what is important at the front of your brain.  We training that users review their daily task list or calendar, and review their groups. 


As an example, you can set up groups that ask the following questions. What new leads are out there that do not have a sales opportunity, what leads did I receive this week. Which customers have I not contacted recently, etc. They are very powerful.


As far as customizing your database and optimizing your use of groups. First determine your buckets (the bits of information you record on every call for every prospect.  THese are things like industry, product interest, how did they hear about us, Customer level (hot warm, cold). Customize the database contact level with whatever is important to your group.


Once you have customized the database, you are ready to build groups.

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Re: groups

Thanks Jon,

for your comprehensive reply


much appreciated