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grouping companies not contacts for act 2009

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grouping companies not contacts for act 2009

Okay, I have multiply contacts per company.  and say for instance I would like to move all the companies from texas into a texas group, i can't make that happen.  Or if i want to break the companies out into call groups, how do i make that happen? 

thanks in advance

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Re: grouping companies not contacts for act 2009

There is not context of 'groups' of company records.


The closest you can come is to use nested companies - perhaps you create a company record called 'Texas Companies' and then move all of the Texas company records into it.


Company records, like group records, can be nested 15 levels deep.


That said, there is no way to create a grouping/list of all of the contacts linked/associated to the company records within a parent company record.


For that, you would actually create a group and then use either dynamic criteria (Sate = Texas) or add manually the contact that you want in there.


Might be an add-on out there that lets you create a contact lookup across multiple companies at once...