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finding database from harddrive back-up

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finding database from harddrive back-up

Background: Recently I back-up my harddrive. I thought I had also saved a copy of my ACT database on a DVD before removing and reinstalling ACT. After reinstalling ACT I discovered that the loaded database was an older one missing months of calendar appts. and numerous contact infomation.


Question: Is the database just prior to uninstall/reinstall ACT on my external harddrive drive. If so, what am I looking for and where would it be most likely?

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Re: finding database from harddrive back-up



If you just reinstalled ACT!, it doesn't remove your database.  Go to the same location of your database to see if its there.  Did you create any ACT! backups from the program?  That process creates ZIP files so you can try searching for *.zip for possible ACT! backups.


Usually backup software is unable to copy the ACT! database because its attached to SQL.  Since its attached to SQL, the files will be in use and cannot be copied by the backup software unless the SQL service is stopped.  ACT! database consists of ADF and ALF file.