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finding contacts no group associated

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finding contacts no group associated

Some contacts have been entered into ACT with no associated group.  Is there a way to find such contacts.  All of my contacts should have groups assigned, but some were entered without and I would like to fix that.  Outside of going through each and every contact, is there a way to find them?  Thanks...Lisa
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Re: finding contacts no group associated

Yes there is. There maybe an easier way but this is how I do it.


Create a yes/no field. Call it Group Membership.


Go to your contacts and pull up a group. Then go to Edit/Replace field. Replace field for everyone in that group to yes. Repeat for each of your groups.


When you have done this for each of your groups, the only ones that will be no are the ones not in a group. Do a lookup based on the Group Membership equal to 'no' and all of your contacts not in a group will pop up like magic.


Hope this helps.


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