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error after installing ACT 2008 10.0.2 updates

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error after installing ACT 2008 10.0.2 updates

Sage warns that Microsoft Office 2003 applications will have problems after 10.0.2.  They do.  Very annoying.  I bought Office 2007 and installed it, not having been able to find the 2003 disk.  The new MS Office 2007 applications work fine.  Having had problems with ACT updates before I did not do the SP3 update but did do the 10.0.1 to 10.0.2 update and the subsequent hot fix update.


Now every time I boot my computer (XP os with SP2) I get an error message saying that ACT had to close unexpectedly....sorry.  Yeah.  I assume that what is "closing unexpectedly" is some sort of process that initializes at startup.  Does anyone know how to stop that process from initializing or how to eliminate the error message?


All suggestions gratefully appreciated.  Thank you. 

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Re: error after installing ACT 2008 10.0.2 updates

You might need to uninstall/reinstall ACT!


It loaded Office integration when it installs, and might still be trying to load Office 2003 components - like the Act.Outlook.Service that starts with Windows.