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email history

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email history

Hi All,


I have email history, with quick attach, and things generally work Ok, with a couple of pain in the ass stuff that hopefuly somebody has a workaround to...


1) Email threads and duplicates - each time i reply to a customers email, and they reply to me, i get a new copy in the history. So, each and every new insert is a duplicate of the previous, with the last message appended. This is stupid, and doesn;t help databse sizes or working out what is going on.


2) When i send an email, it auto-attached to MY record rather than the customers record


Any feedback or workaround would be greatly appreciated !

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Re: email history



Re item 1 not much to say.  I don't auto attach, largely for that reason and because I have a lot of emails that aren't worthy of growing my database size for.


On item two all I can think of is go into the email setup Wizard (I'm assuming Act 2010 here).  Step 5 of 8 is regarding sending email message histories.  I wonder if you have the drop down set to "None", which might mean that they get attached to you, but not the contact.  If it is set to None try another setting and see if it helps.  I could be completely wrong here, it is just a guess, but hope it helps.