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email database not possible?

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email database not possible?


I'm trying to email or put my database file on the internet for my company to put it on the server and from now on VPN and work of same database.  Unfortunately I get an error when trying to email or put it on internet for the .ADF file saying I don't have permission.  Is there a way I can do this so I don't have to save it in excel? 

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Re: email database not possible?

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Generally, an ACT! database file or backup is going to be too large to send in an email. Your best bet is the back up the database, then send the backup (.zip file) via an FTH site or copy into a shared folder that the appropriate person at your company can access. They will the restore the database in ACT! using File > Restore > Database > Restore As.

You can certainly try attaching the backup (.zip) file to an email (definitely not the .ADF), but it may be too large and fail to send.

Greig Hollister

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