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crashed after re-install ACT! 2008

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crashed after re-install ACT! 2008

dear all,


I have reformatted laptop to install ACT! 2008 software. No problem occured while installing the software and the user was able input some datas but the next day something was happening the machine crashed can't even run in windows normally but it's running well in safe mode


any idea what's going on ? and what checking needs to do to analyze the problem ??



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Re: crashed after re-install ACT! 2008

Are you saying that Act! will no longer run since the machine crashed, or that the machine crashed and will only run in Safe Mode now?


If the problem is that Act! will only run in Safe Mode, reboot to Normal mode and disable any Anti-virus/Firewall software.  If

Act will run with those disabled, visit this link for instructions for adding exceptions so you can re-enable the Anti-virus/Firewall software:

Act! exceptions for Firewalls and Anti-virus

Greg Martin