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correct sync procedure required

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correct sync procedure required


Iam running ACT 2011pro, on Vista Pc

One main database, 3 remotes, outlook 2007, exchange server account.

On the road I update contact info, calender, email etc on a cell phone via an exchange account. This works well enough, the main database is set to synch with Outlook every  hour or so. It works but duplicate calender and contact info creeps in.

The remote databases do not synch automatically.

I move between 4 locatations and synch the remote databases manually.

Some remotes may not be updated for a few days.

Every time I synch a remote database with the main, i get full duplication.  


In this scenario, is it possible to prevent duplicate activities and duplicate contacts?








Copper Super Contributor
Posts: 89
Country: USA

Re: correct sync procedure required

Ok well I think I sorted it


from act / synch outlook/ outlook synch preferences/ synch contacts I had add oulook contacts to sage act and synch checked.

I unchecked it, then deleted duplicates in Act,

synched the remotes so all acts were updated,

then synched with outlook.

outlook was automatically cleaned up on synch. Its all appears to be as it should be.