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copy calendar from Outlook to act! 2010

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copy calendar from Outlook to act! 2010

I have an Act! 2010 with Outlook 2007. I can copy my calendar from Act! to Outlook but not from Outlook to act!. I have no error message.

What can I do?


many thanks

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Re: copy calendar from Outlook to act! 2010

If you are looking at your Task List, it could be that you don't have the 'Options' set to 'Show Outlook Tasks'.  'Options' is locate in the upper right hand area, just above the Task List window.  Click on Options > select 'Show Outlook Tasks'.


If that is not the case - to help isolate the issue: 

First go into the Act program: select Tools > Outlook Calendar Integration > Remove Calendar Data > select to 'Clear' from both Act! and Outlook.  Note: this will only remove the 'copies' of the activities, the originals will remain in place on their appropriate calendars. 

Now try the copy again, if it still fails - remove the data again and continue with the following. 


Open a different Act! database (the Act2010demo will do) and test the copy with it. 

- If you can copy your Outlook calendar to the demo, then there is something in your main database preventing the copy.

- If it will not copy to the demo database, there is most likely something in Outlook preventing the copy.

Again - remove the calendar data before continuing. 


The next steps to take are:

- Run Office Diagnostics in Outlook: found in the Outlook Help menu (it will run Diagnostics on all of your Office programs - be sure to close them before starting this procedure.  It is also best to have your Office install disk on hand before beginning).

- Run 'Check and Repair' on your Act! database (in Tools > Database Maintenance > Check and Repair).

Test the copy, if it still fails - remove the calendar data once more


If it is still failing at this point, you will need to create a new Outlook Profile to test with.


Greg Martin