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conditional page break in activities report

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conditional page break in activities report

I'm trying to edit the Activities Report template. I use it to create a report of all activities scheduled for one user. It tends to be multiple pages with multiple contacts. The current format inserts a page break wherever it's needed - even if that is in the middle of the details for a contact.


I want the report to insert a page break if all the info for a contact doesn't fit on that page. Right now, the contact's name can be on one page and the details are on the next.


I tried all the different options under "edit template" and clicking on each section. That's where you can set the page break for each section. All I seem to be able to do is change it so there is a page break after each contact and that's not what I want. I can usually fit 3 - 5 contacts per page. I just don't want a page break in the middle of the detail.


Can anyone help?



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Re: conditional page break in activities report

The report generator is not a word processor. There is no option for what you want.
Roy Laudenslager
ACT! Certified Consultant