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calendar not displaying

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calendar not displaying

I have ACT2010 and like it a lot compared to 2000 that I had before. However, I have never been able to get the calendar to display which is a real pain. I tried the fixes on various KB and community boards and nothing works. And besides, I shouldn't have to use a friggin microscope to see it if it ever does work.


Please fix this!

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Re: calendar not displaying

Your explanation of not being able to display the calendar does not say what is the problem. If you are saying you want to add more detail to the calendar this is not possible although an addon from Jim Durkin may resolve your question



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Re: calendar not displaying

If you have the Font Size DPI setting in Windows set to anything other than the "Normal" setting, this will break you calendar.


Check that.  Change it to normal and the calendar will display as it should...

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Re: calendar not displaying


Act 2010 My calendar just stopped working as well.  I press the calendar and get an error message. "ACT has encountered an error. Please shut down"  Also, it has stopped integrating with Outlook 2010.  Are there fixes for this?