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calendar duplicates in shared database

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calendar duplicates in shared database

Hi all,

I'm new to ACT 2012 and am sharing a database for the first time. There are five of us on a synced database. We're having a problem with calendar duplication. When I set up a meeting, for example, and invite other team members (all are contacts, so I'm using the "schedule with" drop-down) and they accept the invitation, the meeting shows up multiple times on my calendar. This is annoying, is there a way to work around or fix this? It's not the group (all users) calendar either, this is even when I drill down to just my own calendar (select user) option. Can you help? Thanks! Much appreciated. . .


Bryan Oliver

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Re: calendar duplicates in shared database

Are you creating an individual activity for each user or creating one and adding them all to the same activity?


If the first, then in essence you are creating 5 different "events".


If you do not want to see these on your calendar view, while on the calendar, right click and set the calendar view filter such that only your schedule is visible.  That should remove the "duplicate" from being visible even though they are still in the system.