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Your database schema needs to be updated

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Your database schema needs to be updated

I am trying to setup Companion Link (an Act addon) I get a error message "your database schema needs to be updated.  Open your database and follow the instructions. I see no mention of updating schema after opening database which works fine.  I have run the diag utility rebuild schema but still get error.  Please give me information to help me update schema.



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Re: Your database schema needs to be updated

Hello Bill,

Welcome to the Sage ACT! Online Community!


The database opening successfully within the ACT! program would indicate that there is not an issue with the schema.  To verify this you can do the following steps: 

1. Create a new database (File > New Database)

2. Open ACTDiag and compare the schema versions of your database and the new database.  They should match.


If they do match (expected), try connecting CompanionLink to the new database.  If it is successful, there is an issue within the original database: try running Tools > Database Maintenance > Check and Repair.  Then attempt to connect CompanionLink.


If it will not connect with the new database (schema error), then you will need to verify the versions of ACT! and CompanionLink to determine if they are compatible. 


If it will not connect to the new database, you will want to contact CompanionLink for additional assistance (

Greg Martin
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Re: Your database schema needs to be updated



I just now came across this post and wanted to follow up with you to make sure you got everything working! Let me know if you still have any questions.



- David

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