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Wrong email address inserted into email

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Wrong email address inserted into email

I just upgraded to Act! Pro Version, Update 3 from 2010.  Over the years, I updated some email addresses when they changed. Now ACT is inserting their old, deleted address into an email when I either do a mail merge or click "email".  When you look at the contact screen, it shows their new address, but is inserting their old one. I tried deleting the new one and retyping but no good. The first time I did an email mail merge I got dozens of returned messages with the wrong addresses.

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Re: Wrong email address inserted into email

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There is another thread existing which I think is related to your problem and could contain the solution:


 At least worth trying the workaround here.



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Re: Wrong email address inserted into email

That link is to a thread in the Act! Certified Consultant board, so I'm afraid Greg won't be able to follow it.

In summary, it looks like one of our ACC's had the same issue - it turned out to be a permissions issue relating to a registry key.

Essentially the fix was to open the windows Registry (regedit.exe), navigate to the key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server and grant 'full control' to all users.

If this is something you're comfortable doing, feel free to give it a try - but be warned, the registry contains important system information - and Swiftpage will take no responsibility for issues caused by improper usage.

An alternative, would be to try running the program as an administrator (right-click > run as admin) and see if the problem continues in this circumstance.
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Re: Wrong email address inserted into email

When I use regedit and get to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server, how do I "grant 'full control' to all users"?  Attached is a screen shot of that branch of the registry.  

Is it one of the three entries shown on the rights, or a new one?

Or is it a sub-entry?


ACT! Pro v 20.1, Outlook 2013 on Windows 10 update 1803.


Thanks in advance


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Re: Wrong email address inserted into email

In Registry Editor select Edit | Permissions and tick the Full Control.





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