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Write Letters opens up in taskbar on ACT 2011

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Write Letters opens up in taskbar on ACT 2011

I am using ACT 2011 Pro on windows 7 64. I am using Microsoft Word for my word processor. When I want go to write a letter Microsoft Word opens but instead of the window opening with the letter, it goes to my taskbar and i have to click on the icon on the taskbar for the window to open. This extra step dosen't make sense. When i go to write an email from outlook the window opens right up. Is there any way to change this or did ACT drop the ball here?

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Re: Write Letters opens up in taskbar on ACT 2011



  Unfortunately there is little we can do to change this.  Act! didn't 'drop the ball' as you said it, Word isn't properly accepting the command to gain focus like it should.  I can tell you that I'm not running into that problem with V.16.  The big difference between the two versions on the back-end would be the version of .Net used.  V.16 uses Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0.  That alone seems to be the reason this functions differently.


  I've also experienced the issue you're detailing here in all of the .Net 3.5.1 versions of Act! that I've used, and really the only thing I've changed is the version of Act!

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Re: Write Letters opens up in taskbar on ACT 2011

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Try holding down the ESC key while launching it and see if that works.  I haven't tried it with ACT! and Word but I found it on the web as a solution for the same type of problem.


Actually I just tried that fix and it isn't going to work in this case because it cancels the merge process.


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