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Working With Multiple Opportunities

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Working With Multiple Opportunities

If anyone can help with this it would be appreciated. Iam importing 1000 leads into the contacts section, what I then want to do is create an individual opportunity for each contact. At the present time I can only seem to create "one" opportunity which then has 1000 associated contacts, which doen't enable me to manipulate the progress of each lead.

I know I could trawl through all the leads and create an opportunity for each one manually but I'm assuming there must be a quicker way to do this.Clearly I am doing something wrong at a basic level.


Thanks for your assistance

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Re: Working With Multiple Opportunities

First to answer your question. You would need to create each opportunity manually.  However, correct me if i'm wrong, you don't have "deals" yet, you are importing names. My sugestion would be to import these names and have a series of stages (use hte iD/Status Field at the contact level).  Have stages like uncalled name, Called Name, Prospect, Lead, Opportunity;. As you call all of these names/people, update the stage accordingly. 


When that person is ready to become an opportunity, then create the opportunity. You will have a smaller opportunity list, but it will only be populated with true opportunities, not just a bunch of names.


I would define each stage and what it means to you.  For example at the contact level

Uncalled name - just imported, never called them

Prospect, - Called, there is some interest

Lead - you hve identified the decision maker, there is a specific deal on the table for discussion

Opportunity. - Now you have a decision maker, a timeline, a budget and a scope for the deal. Here you would make and track the opportunity.

Also have a stage for Dead or expired lead.  You don't want any of these stages to be like the dead sea where everything flows in and nothing flows out.  Each stages needs a criteria for getting in and a criteria for getting out.;


Maybe a little more than your wanted, but by setting up the database the correct way, you will minimized unnecessary key strokes and use the database more effectively.

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Re: Working With Multiple Opportunities

Hi Jon


Firstly, thank you for getting back to me so quickly and with such a comprehensive answer. I have to say I am more than a little disappointed to find out that ACT does not have the facility to convert each contact into an opportunity automatically and that this is only possible manually. I understand your suggestion but to me this just means that 70% of the "opportunity" process is not being recorded in a useful way and really I'm only starting the process when a contact is practically ready to sign up.

For my business each lead being imported into the contact section is an "opportunity" and I would like to use the reporting and pipeline information within the opportunity section to really keep a good track of my sales process from start to finish. I have already set up the ID/Status section to reflect the lead status but this obviously doesn't give me the detailed analysis on each lead in the same way that the opportunity section does and it leaves me with having to rely on using Excel to analyze what's going on, which kind of defeats the point of ACT's usefulness.

For clarification purposes my business is financial services and each new contact is a lead of someone who has expressed an interest in taking out a life assurance policy, so it's not as if I have to go through a whole process to get to a decision maker. The contact will either become a client or they will not, there are no other persons involved. Maybe ACT is not ideally suited to my business.



Thanks again for your help.

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Re: Working With Multiple Opportunities

We have developed an add-on that will duplicate an opportunity across a lookup of records. You choose which particular opportunity template you want to use and it will create a single opportunity for each record. It is designed for ACT!  2010 and beyond. Email me at the below address for more detail.  

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