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Word Processor

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Word Processor



We are using ACT 2006.


There a few templates that end up being bold, even though we're removed all the bolding from the template. We tried cutting and pasting into a new template, but that didn't help. We tried bolding and unbolding, no change.


It only bolds the first half of the document, not the second half.


We also tried putting in a space, and pasting, then removing the space (an old WordPerfect trick) but, not surprisingly, that didn't work.


Any ideas?


Thank you.

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Matthew,   Try copying the text of the word document and...



Try copying the text of the word document and paste the text in a notepad document.  This would essentially remove all formatting from the selection.


now select all in the notepad document and paste into a new word document.


Let me know how things go.


Joe K.


C. Joseph Keesey III, MCAD ACC
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