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Windows 7 and Act 2009! - Outlook and calendar issues

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Windows 7 and Act 2009! - Outlook and calendar issues

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I am having a problem with viewing the calendar since I installed ACT2009 on a Windows 7 64-bit OS system.  I have tried your fix (deleting the preferences file) and setting the DPI  correctly.  Still cant see anything but mini-calendars.  Not usable.  This problem occured when we had a hard drive crash on the server and had our guru working on some Outlook problems.  He ended up deleting, un-sharing, and reinstalling Outlook and there are still some Outlook problems going on now.  (1) Do I need to go to the server to delete the preferences file?  I would assume so but I have been reluctant - if so, will it affect other computers on the network since we have ACT loaded on each remote computer and they are not having any problems.  (2) Should I wait until our Outlook problems are resolved before doing anything else?  (3) How likely is it that the DPI res issue is the real culprit.  I have a 26" monitor and the 100% resolution setting is VERY small on this thing.  (4)  One of your "work-arounds" suggests reloading Office with Outlook and then reloading ACT!.  Big hassle - is it likely to help?  Ceege


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Re: Windows 7 and Act 2009! - Outlook and calendar issues

When deleting the Preference files, there are 2 methods available: 1 - Actdiag, 2 - manually.  Since you mention that deleting the Preferences did not resolve the issue, I believe you were using the Actdiag method.  When you opened Act! after deleting the Preference files and folder you would have received the Getting Started wizard, if you did not see that - the files were not actually deleted.


You will need to delete the Preference files manually to ensure they are removed.  Open this link and scroll to the 'Manually Delete Act! Preferences' section, it will explain the steps to locate the files and folder to delete.  Mini Calendars


With this issue, the local DPI settings are definitely a culprit and the Preference files are specific to the local machine.  Deleting Preferences on the server would not affect your workstation. 

Greg Martin