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Will my LAPTOP talk to my DESKTOP V10 2008

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Will my LAPTOP talk to my DESKTOP V10 2008

I received a VERY convoluted set of instructions from act support in how I could get my desktop to talk to my laptop. These are the issues: I installed V10 2008 on both machines, however, my company will NOT let me connect my laptop to the company network for security reasons. Hence, I have no way to connect my 2 machines. My GOAL is to use the desktop as the primary machine, and when I travel, have the same data on my laptop. A second GOAL would be if I added data to my laptop DB while traveling, I could get it back into my desktop DB. I thought maybe I could use a USB portable drive to transfer files back and forth.


Support told me to run Actdiag.exe and UNLOCK my desktop DB, then copy certain files to the USB, then move them over to the laptop. What a CLUSTER..... it does not seem to work. Too bad you can't just synchronize simply, or import/export like the older versions.


1 idea I had was to setup 3 files DB123 (desktop), DBlap (laptop), DBusb (usb portable drive), then try to synchronize from desktop to USB, then synchronize from USB to laptop, and vice versa.


Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. The NET FRAMEWORK thing is a real pain in the ass. I don't know if it wil let you do all this syncing back and forth.


THANKS for any HELP!

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Re: Will my LAPTOP talk to my DESKTOP V10 2008

Given the restrictions on networking your laptop in the corporate environment your best bet is probably to transfer a back up file from ACT back and forth between the 2 machines.


Very Messy! 

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Re: Will my LAPTOP talk to my DESKTOP V10 2008

Hi I hope the information I provide here is of some use.

Forgive me if I'm wrong but it sounds very much like you want to use Synchronisation?


To cut a long story short you do this:

1. configure your master database to accept incoming synchronisation

2. create a remote database file

3. unpack and restore that file on your laptop

4. test sync


I suggest you navigate to the act knowledgebase ( -> support -> knowledgebase) and 'look for' the following article:

15192 - How To Set Up Application Synchronization in ACT!


However, this process will require you laptop can at least, at the point of syncronisation communicate with your desktop.


By default ACT! synchronisation works on port 65100. If you company will allow port forwarding (where you router passes all comunication on a certain port onto a certain machine) you may still be able to acheive this without actually being on the same network


The alternative is internet syncronisation detailed in the following article:

21838 - How to Setup Internet Synchronization in ACT!


As a final last ditch effort to do this would they let you plug a crossover cable in between the desktop and Laptop?