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Will ACT! work for me? (Commercial Real Estate)

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Will ACT! work for me? (Commercial Real Estate)

I manage site acquisition for a retailer and want to see if I can figure out how to handle contacts, opportunities, statuses, groups, etc. to make ACT! work for me.


I view each potential site as a project.  As I move from identifying the site to (hopefully) opening a store there, the status of the project changes.  In addition to deal status (e.g., site identified, contract negotiation, contract signed, etc.), each project also has an approval status associated with it, which notes whether our company has approved the site (this is an ongoing process with stages associated with it -- not just a simple yes/no).  If I could alter the ACT! opportunity status fields, I could achieve this, but I don't think I can do that.


People who work on each project have defined roles.  Essentially, I am always the "buyer".  Other roles are my broker, my lawyer, my project manager, my consultants, the seller, and his broker, lawyer, project manager, and consultants.  All of these people work on multiple projects and I want to be able to run reports showing all the projects people are working on.


I haven't figured out whether a "project" should be a contact, an opportunity, or a group.  I'm leaning towards a group.  One problem, though, is that if I associate an activity or note with one person and it pertains to a specific site, I don't want that note to show up in the notes/activities associated with another site.  How can I add this filter?


Additionally, I have recurring meetings with some people (especially brokers) where we review multiple projects.  I want to be able to associate those notes easily.


I welcome any thoughts on the specific things I've addressed above, as well as any general observations.