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Why does ACT have to be installed on same server as Database ?

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Why does ACT have to be installed on same server as Database ?



We are in the process of purchasing ACT application, and we are being told that the software has to be installed on the same server as the SQL database even though the software will be installed on the remote client desktop PC's ? Can anyone explain why this is ?


As someone who is an applciations developer and SQL DBA, surely in a true client / server application the database can reside on a SQL Enterprise edition server instance that sits on server 'A', and then the application can be installed on many client PC's with ODBC or native SQL connections directly to the database server. Or I'm I completly missing the point here ?



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Re: Why does ACT have to be installed on same server as Database ?

Hello Jddenne,

Welcome to the Act! Online Community!


There are several reasons for the installation of the software onto the server, such as the installation creating the Act7 instance (which can be done manually), but there are some functions you would not be able to perform without the Act! program installed on the server - For Example: you will not be able to 'Share' the database to allow workstations to access it.


You are correct, the program will also be installed on the workstations (along with SQL), but they will use the server SQL program when accessing the database on the server.  You can, although we don't recommend it for troubleshooting reasons, uninstall SQL from the workstation.  We recommend that you disable the sql services to free resources.  Should they want to create a local database, they will need SQL enabled on the workstation.  Just as FYI to illustrate the point - the Act! 2011 installation has an option to exclude installing SQL on workstations.

Greg Martin