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Why Does Act 2012 Not Attach Email to SOME Contacts?

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Why Does Act 2012 Not Attach Email to SOME Contacts?

Hello All:


Sometimes Act doesn't attach a sent email (from Outlook 2010) to the contact. So when I go and try to manually attach it after it has been sent (going to Outlook... opening the email... and going to Add-Ins), sometimes MY contact record is shown on the right side instead of the contact to whom the email has been sent. That contact DOES have a record in Act. Why is MY record shown under "Attach to These Contacts" instead of the proper contact?


In fact, that proper contact is clearly showing in the left side of the box among the list of contact from which to choose to move over to the right side of the box for attaching. So what I must do is move MY contact out of the "Attach to Contact" box and then manually move the proper one to the "Attach to Contact" side of the box.


Any ideas?  Seems like something might be missing from the contact for Act to recognize it? This only happens with SOME contacts, not all. Smiley Surprised

Thank you!