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Why ACT Export to CSV is very Slow?

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Re: Why ACT Export to CSV is very Slow?

I'll have a chat to her...
How did the new company attempt to access the data? What formats can they import Notes or Histories from?
I've not seen any two products with the amount of data that ACT! has be able to just import and export without needing to understand the other apps data structure.
There just isn't a standard for this possible.
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Re: Why ACT Export to CSV is very Slow?

I promise you now you can get every single piece of data out of ACT! - I myself have done this for many of our customers in the past...act doesn't have any locks etc. - it is relatively simple using the SDK. The only problem you may find when you pull notes etc out is they come with rtf formatting, however this can easily be stripped out during export if you know what you are doing.
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Re: Why ACT Export to CSV is very Slow?

Nearly 500k contacts?  Do you have activities for very many of them?  How about the other stuff like notes and histories?  I briefly worked with the guys who do ACT!'s scalability testing and I'm sure they'd love to run some tests on your DB. ;-)  Or at least hear about your db statistics and performance...

Do you get export to finally complete if you let it finish, or at what number of contacts does it stop working for you?


Jason Sellers
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