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Which Act for me

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Which Act for me

Looks like I need the premium version.  I have read the premium info but as a simple man I have trouble seeing if it will do what I want.

I have two reps with remote laptops and a pc at head office.  I want to know what my reps are doing and they want to know where the other is at.  We only need to swap info once a day at most.  Does premium swap and sort data over the internet as files or do I need a network or server or whatever???

Confused as I thought the standard version was like this.

PS I now have three standard versions for sale (i think)

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Re: Which Act for me

You can do this with the standard versions except that when the remote users want to sync, you need to have ACT! running with the database open on the master system.


You might find using something like Hamachi makes this more secure if you don't already have a VPN: