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Where is my ACT database?

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Where is my ACT database?

We are using ACT 2009 whereby two different desktops/users share a "contactsdb" database on a file server.  Separate ACT installations occurred on a 3 computers.  The database is accessed through a ".pad" file that links to the "contacts.db" database on the server.


We are trying to import that "contacts.db" database into Outlook 2007 on each separate desktop computer/user but cannot find a "contacts.db" file on the server.


1.)  How do I read the ".pad" file to see where it points to?

2.)  Do I have the "Contacts" database wrongfully named when we are searching for it?

3.)  How, within ACT can I be taken directly to the database file location, wherever it may be hiding?


Thanks everyone!

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Re: Where is my ACT database?

1. Open the PAD file in Notepad ... it will have the Machine Name, Database Name and the path to the database on the machine


2. It would be an ADF file


3. You can set the default location with Tools | Preferences

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Re: Where is my ACT database?

no such file as contcts.db in ACT 2009.


If you are trying to get your contacts to Outlook, here are some options. 


1) Within hte ACT contact list, try export to excel, then save as a text file and import into outlook

2) use an add in software such as doublelooik, 123 Synchronizer, or others to sync act and outlook

3)  take a look at some of hte new features in ACT 2011 (described here)

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