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When to create fields in re-designed layout

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When to create fields in re-designed layout

I've designed a new layout to use with our existing database. If I enter fields on the new layout that do not exist on the current layout, will they transfer into the database when we switch layouts?  Or should I wait until the new layout is 'live' in the database before adding fields?

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Re: When to create fields in redesigned layout

I'm not sure I fully understand what you are doing, however, if you have created new fields in Layout Designer view, these fields exist in the database whether you have them shown on any screen layout or not. After creating and saving your new layout it becomes available to use by clicking the Layout button on the bottom left of the screen in Contact Detail View. (If it's a brand new layout you might have to close and re-open your database before it appears in the list of available layouts).


The point of layouts is so that you can be selective about which fields you and to see and which you don't, however any new fields created always exist in the database and can be seen by clicking Tools | Define Fields.


Not sure if the answers your question, but please come back if You need further assistance.





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