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When To Use Outlook & When To Use Act!

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When To Use Outlook & When To Use Act!

I will be using Outlook for email integration with Sage Act!  The question I have relates to my calendar of appointments and tasks.  I'm so used to viewing my calendar in Outlook as it's been my go to CRM for years but recently made the switch to Sage Act!

What do you guys find the best way to use both Outlook and Act? Do you primarily use Outlook for just emails and then resort to your Sage Act! window/app when booking appointments or creating tasks?  I've got HHC all setup so that's working well.


Also, I know Sage Act! comes with some Outlook connector functionality but is it worthwhile to get the add-on that adds more functionality? For instance, I'm going to need the ability of setting up email distribution lists where more than just the primary email address field for a contact is to be used.  I understand some of the add-on products allow this functionality.  My concern is will this add-on interfere with the included Outlook connector add-in that comes with Sage Act? Should I disable the native outlook add-in if I get the "aftermarket" add-on?


Any feedback/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.