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What is the puprpose of "Item #" in opportunities?

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What is the puprpose of "Item #" in opportunities?

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I am not really clear how people use the Item Number field in the opportunities tool.


  • It cannot be exported to Excel
  • It cannot be shown on the Opportunity List detail view
  • When adding products to an opportunity I cannot see what the item # is.  Instead all I see is the Product Name, and there could be several identical ones distinguished by the Item # I cannot see.  In other words, my product name may be "Box", but the item Number (e.g. red, blue, yellow, pink) I cannot see until I leave the Name field.  So instead of have a lot of product names (e.g. Box - Blue, Box - Red, Box - Yellow, etc.).


Or am I doing something way wrong here??


How are people using this field productively?  Most of my opportunity reporting is exporting to Excel, not reports run within Act itself.