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What Version of ACT 2009 is Safe to Run on a Domain Controller

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What Version of ACT 2009 is Safe to Run on a Domain Controller

Hey everybody,


My company is a small office running a Windows 2003 server.  This server acts as a domain controller and a local file server, and nothing more.  It currently hosts the database for our accounting application (Peachtree 2003) and for ACT (version 2003).  I'm looking to upgrade both to 2009, but I've read about SQL Server 2005 causing horrible messes on domain controllers.


An ACT sales rep just told me that if I want to stick an ACT 2009 database on a DC server, I'll need to go with the Premium version to avoid those difficulties.  Can anyone confirm this?


Also, a setup question:  since this will be a shared database, will ACT "know" to put the SQL server where the database is sitting (rather than on the client workstation where the app is being installed)?  I realize that the client will need the SQL client.


Thanks for any insight!





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Re: What Version of ACT 2009 is Safe to Run on a Domain Controller

I don't think there's any real difference between standard and Premium on a DC... in terms of security, Microsoft don't advise installing SQL on a DC - but even they ignore their own recomendation for Small Business Server.


There are some complexities with installing ACT! for Web on a DC and, if doing sync, ACT! standard needs to be open and logged in on the server whereas Premium has a service.


After you install ACT! 2009 then, I suggest creating a seperate folder off the root volume like c:\ACTData\Databases


Put the new database there and share it as per this ACT! Knowledge Base article -