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Welcome Page

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Welcome Page

My Welcome Page isn't working and support can't get it fixed. They say it MAY be an issue regarding resolution. They wanted to change my settings, but I asked them not to do it. I have a Macbook Pro with a bootcamp drive and operate Windows XP Professional on it. Getting the monitor to work can be a real hassle and I didn't want them to change it, unless they knew for certain that this was the issue. My Welcome Page only shows Video Icons and links. When I hit the links, the page disappears completely and only reappears if I close down ACT or go to a different database. The support person tried a few things, but they didn't help. Again, I am not a techie, so I need some help with this and am disappointed that yet another ACT upgrade is causing die a death of a thousand nicks. Help!!
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Re: Welcome Page

What is your monitor's DPI setting?

Can you attach a screen shot of the Welcome Page to this post?



Greg Martin