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Web Info Default address required for ACT2010 User

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Web Info Default address required for ACT2010 User

I currently am using ACT2010 and I was trying to setup an Web Portal for a specific account.


I was trying to set up a webportal so it would sign me in as soon as I selected the Web Site Tab. I realize now that I should have just created a New Link but instead I put the web portal link in the location for the Default Link for the actual web site.




1) What is the Default detail that I removed when I replaced it with a Link by mistake. I think it was somwething like { Web Site } but I tried this but it didn't fix it the way it was before.


2) When I add a Link such as a Web Portal directly to a login to a specific Company does it show up as a Link for any company I open as well or does that Link stay only when viewing that Companies Record.


If anyone can tell me what the Default is please advise asap as I was always using it the way it was setup in default but now I have lost what it was.


Thanks in advance and hope to hear from someone soon.







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Re: Web Info Default address required for ACT2010 User

Hello Glen,


Your question is not abundantly clear I'm afraid, but I think you'll need to reference the entity as well as th efield containing the web site address, for example:


{Contact.Web Site}  


Preceeded of course by the web property and search/validation string that you are trying to call.


Beyond this, if you want to see all the default settings you could open the demo database (or create a new one) which will re-generate the default contents of the Web Info tab.


Will Ingleby
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Re: Web Info Default address required for ACT2010 User

Hi Will,


Your reply gave me what I was looking for since I removed the default Link for Web Info Tab and Contacts Website.


What I was trying to do was to select a company and then Web Info and have it open the Web Portal that the company has created for me to go directly to their info site for Jobs they show for my company in a Web Portal as they call it.


I now have a few companies doing this which shows all the jobs posted by each of these companies doing work for me and I was trying to set up the direct Link instead of opening Explorer from my Desktop.


I did create a Link which had one companies Web Portal Link but when I open another company record and view Web Link the Web Portal I created in the other Companies Record Shows in this record as well.


Question --- Do I have to Create Multiple Web Links in the Web Info Tab -- Adding to the Edit Links or can I add a Link that will only show up in the specific companies I create them for.


Thanks again for your quick response very much appreciated.