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Way to ID by time zone?

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Way to ID by time zone?

I want to be able to call my contacts based on time zones. As I'm in the east I don't want to be calling west coast contacts at 6am. However, I only have the typical info like a full address. Is there a way to get Act to create a time-zone-aware field that I can then filter off of?
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Re: Way to ID by time zone?

There is no built-in function within Act! that will determine a contact's timezone, or populate another field based on the values of a specified field (ex: populate Timezone based on State).


One option is to create a new field in your database (ex: Timezone), then use the Lookup by State to determine all desired contacts.  With the contacts identified in the Contact List you can then use the Edit > Replace Field option to populate the 'Timezone' field on each of the contact's records.  It will only update those contacts displayed in the Contact List.

For instructions on creating a field: Managing Act! fields


Another option - there may be an add-on that will do what you need.  One possible solution is 'Automatic Field Calculations', it states that it can be coded with If/Then statements to populate fields.

To view all certified Act! add-ons visit this website: Act! Add-ons

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Re: Way to ID by time zone? offers the AddressGrabberSuite for $59.95 - among the 4 functions included is


TimeZone Lookup for ACT! contacts - If your customers or clients are all over the country, you will appreciate this. Time Zone Lookup displays the current time and time zone for each contact as you navigate through ACT!. With this convenient feature you can prioritize your work or decide which if it's an appropriate time to call.