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Watch mailbox and import email based application as a contact.

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Watch mailbox and import email based application as a contact.

What's my setup?


ACT! by Sage 2008 (10.0) Version, Hotfix 1.

Windows Server 2003.

Microsoft Exchange 2003 SP2

Outlook 2007 whatever latest SP is.

More CPU / RAM than MJ could have moonwalked across before his alleged death.


What do I want to do?


We want to to monitor a mailbox (either an Outlook account on the local machine, or a dedicated pop/imap/exchange account - it really does not matter). When a client fills out our web form, we recieve the results via email. I want to parse the email and automatically create an ACT contact based on the results.


Setting an alarm or something to alert the staff would be a bonus, but not a requirement, as they can see the emails coming in.


What have I tried?


I have downloaded and installed trial versions of eConvert & eGrabber from Both had severe issues.


eConvert seemed to be unhappy with modern versions of ACT (even though 10.x aint so modern anymore), and generally just did not work with anything.

eGrabber should work with my specs, but the software just seemed totally unable to interact with anything. It seemed REALLY buggy, slow, unreliable (on top of not being able to communicate with Outlook or a mailbox).


The buggy-feeling software and shocking Ux experience seemed to be very similar between the two packages. Almost as if from same developer, or if one was a complete ripoff of the other.


eGrabbers support person tried phoning me about 5 times, despite me clearly telling him that I am hearing impaired and that an almost unrecognisably thick accent over the worst VoIP connection in the history of teh intarwebs meant that we could only communicate via email. I basically got told that their "software is compatible, so everything is just work for you ok" (or words to that effect).


I have looked at other online stores for CRM software/addons, and done a bit of googling. To no avail.




Any other suggestions? Any software packages I can try? Anyone else doing this already (would be a fairly common thing in my mind). Did you use an addon? Custom development?





Tony Hughes


Hawkes Bay,

New Zealand.



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Re: Watch mailbox and import email based application as a contact.

An alternative is Northwoods Web Prospect which we recommend to our clients and have tested ourselves. Simple, solid and well priced at US$179.00

Graeme Leo
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