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WMDC, Act! 2008 a Deadly Combination

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WMDC, Act! 2008 a Deadly Combination

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I currently have Act! 2008, v10.0.3.182, Act!Link for PocketPC v10.0.2.182, HP iPAQ rx1950 w/Windows Mobile v5.0, Office 2007 w/SP1 w/BCM, and finally Vista Business with SP1 w/Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) v6.1.6965.



  1.  Was able to sync w/Outlook prior to installation of Act!Link – Only synced with Files and Notes.
  2. Attempted install of Act!Link – Received Error which was resolved with Answer ID 21498, “You Must Install ActiveSync Before Installing ACT Link for Pocket PC”.
  3. Attempted sync with Act!Link, program immediately throws exception, “The Windows Mobile Device Center Sync Host Has Stopped Working” – attempted to resolve with Answer ID 21846.
  4. System remains “unsyncable”

 Resolution Attempts:

  1. Answer ID 21498
  2. Answer ID 21846
  3. Removal of WMDC Program
  4. Removal of Act!Link
  5. Hard Reset of iPAQ
  6. Installation of WMDC v6.0 – subsequently removed and replaced with v6.1
  7. Intense Google search with now relevant answers.

Oh, and please DO NOT recommend that I upgrade to the soon-to-be-release version 2009.  I so regret upgrading from version 6.0, but I was left with no alternatives. 


I am open to ANY help or SUGGESTIONS that will get my problem resolved....except for the recommendation that I spend $$$ every month to use a different product.  I already paid for a product that claims to work in Vista and should.





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Re: WMDC, Act! 2008 a Deadly Combination

According to 21846, this should only happen Windows Mobile 2003, not 5.0. Are you sure about the version?


Have you turned off Vista UAC as per KB 22700?

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Re: WMDC, Act! 2008 a Deadly Combination

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Yes I am...and yes I did.



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