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Version compatiblity HELP

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Version compatiblity HELP

I am a single user (self employed only user).  I run my entire business software centred around ACT and various add-ons and connected software.


Currently I am running XP PRO, 32 bit, ACT 2007 V9, Northwoods Mail Merge 9.8.3581, Companion Link for Blackberry Bold, Office 2003 for templates and Outlook integration.


I just purchased a new laptop, with WIN 7 64 bit.  I would like to retain as much of my old software as possible, and whatever final configuration I come to would like the SAME configuration on my old laptop in order to use it for back up computer.  I see that ACT 2007 must be upgraded as it won't work with WIN 7 or 64 bit......But Northwoods Mail Merge, and Automation Bundle LOOK like they may not support WIN 7 even though  they support later versions of ACT....Is this correct? 


More appropiately, does anyone have a software configuration that makes sense on both of these computers?  Note: I use ACT to maintain my customer DB, merge with Word 2003 for quoting purposes, Outlook 2003 reads from database, and Mail Merge for control of e-mail blasts to my customers.  Also, companion link to sychronize ACT with Blackberry Bold.




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Re: Version compatiblity HELP

I can tell you for sure that Office 2003 will work with later versions of Act! I tried to see what I could find for your Northwoods Mail Merge version, and all I could find was 9.7 which said that it was compatible up to ACT! 2007. This may not be the case with 9.8, but I couldn't find any information on this. It is to my understanding, and I could be incorrect on this, that Companion Link also has a versioning system. What I would recommend you do for companion link and Northwoods Mail Merge,is to contact the vendors for those two addons to make sure that the specific versions that you have are compatible with later versions of Act!. They would be able to give you a more solid answer since Swiftpage does not develop these third-party addons. 



Elise O.
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