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Using the ACT dialer

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Using the ACT dialer


Hello everyone. I was curious to know how one would hook up a fax modem and telephone on the same phone line to use the ACT dialer?

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Re: Using the ACT dialer

That should be relatively simple.


It would be best to make sure we know exactly what you have, i.e., external FAX modem, make and model.  The name of the FAXing software.


Assuming an external FAX modem connected to either the USB or RS232, the modem should have three ports on it:

1. Phone line to the wall

2. Telephone jack to the telephone unit

3. Line jack to one of the computer's ports


You should have FAX software that acts like a printer.  Meaning, when you are ready to send a FAX, you will print it to your fax software and it will be sent. 


To set up the ACT dialer, which is actually using Windows dialer, you will open

| Tools |

| Preferences |

| Communication |

| Dialer Preferences |


Then follow the on-screen instructions.


Hope this helps.  There is a knowledgebase article on using the ACT Dialer.



John Purdy
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Posts: 8
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Re: Using the ACT dialer


Thanks for the reply, John! I'm a little confused about the three ports. Would something like this work for dialing purposes?