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Using Conditional Ifs With Mail Merge

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Using Conditional Ifs With Mail Merge

Hi all,


First, I apologize if this has been addressed on these boards before.  After a search, I didn't see anything, but its hard to imagine I'm the first one to come across this issue.


My client is trying to use ACT mail merge to complete applications for his clients automatically.  While text fields are obviously the easy part, the applications often include checkboxes or multiple choice.  These applications each featured about 150 different questions, each of which can correspond to a field in ACT without much difficulty.


The problem comes in retaining the original look and design of the application (as per the standards of the application processing company).  For example, the application requires information such as whether or not the applicant smokes, and provides a check box.  If the user is a smoker, obviously the "Yes" box would get an X in it.  Another example would be for our addresses.  If the applicant is applying from out of state, a field needs to be set with their address.  If the application is in state, the field is populated with my client's address.


So we have tried using conditional ifs through Microsoft Word's IF Field Codes which produces an "object has been deleted" error.  After doing some research, it seems that Word macro conflicts prevent utilizing ACT's macros and Word's IF Field Macros simultaneously.


So my question is... what is the best current work around and is ACT working on an internal solution at all?  While the current mail merge is pretty good, allowing for conditionals would be extraordinary. 


And I have seen (on another forum) a suggestion of creating separate mail merge templates for possible conditions and using a lookup to sort applicants pre-merge.  This is absolutely not an option in this case, considering the length of the applications and the total number of questions.


Thanks in advance!


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Re: Using Conditional Ifs With Mail Merge

So I suppose there is no good work around or ACT progress, eh.  That's disappointing!
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Re: Using Conditional Ifs With Mail Merge


I had a look at your post and (to be honest) I don´t plan to use features you are looking for but in thee past I tried on add-on that may help you.

It is a bit expensive but you can rent for a month maybe.

Take a look at Stonefield Query ( )

I hope this helps.

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Re: Using Conditional Ifs With Mail Merge

I found some old details on this... if you send me a Private Message (icon top-right of this page) with your details, I can let you have it to test