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Using ACT! to manage Clients??

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Using ACT! to manage Clients??

Do you use Act! to manage prospects, clients, or both?  Does anyone here use Act! to manager prospects and then switch the prospect to Outlook once they become a client?  I currently use Act! for my prospects and clients, but I have sometimes been compelled to seperate the two.  I'm just wondering what other people do.

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Re: Using ACT! to manage Clients??

Most people would keep both in ACT!.... it's certainly better than Outlook for the clients.


Just set a field like ID/Status to identify when they become a client

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Re: Using ACT! to manage Clients??

Actually, I am a proponent of just one single database.  There are justifiable reasons for multiple databases, but I think those are the exceptions rather than the norm.


As far as keeping up with the status, the use of the ID/Status is certainly an easy way.  I have added a field called "CustNum" for customer number.  The field doesn't get filled in until there is a customer number.


In my sales environment, I also have an inside sales rep on each account.  I have added another field to enter his or her name on every record.  I have a large number of assigned account and multiple inside reps.  That keeps me from getting them confused. 


I then make use of the "Companies" hierarchy and have divisions under each company called (1) Account Team for the people within my company that supports this customer and (2) Vendor Support for the vendors who jointly support this customer.


Also, for each company I have created a contact record with "! Useful Information" for the contact name.  This is where I store information about the company that doesn't really relate to any single contact. 


Hope this helps.





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