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Using ACT as a tech support tool

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Using ACT as a tech support tool

Is anyone using ACT to record technical issues and if so where are you recording those issues?  Where are you recording if the issue is solved or not?  How do you search for these solved issues later?


I am interested in recording an issue, checking it off when it's resolved, but then searching for the issue and the solution later if needed.



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Re: Using ACT as a tech support tool

What you want to do is an ideal candidate for using a custom table in the ACT! program. While ACT! provides the capability it doesn't provide a user interface and that is being provided by third party plugins. The main ones are the Durkin Impact Suite and Topline Designer. 

Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Using ACT as a tech support tool

That said, using it as a way to create a "knowledgebase" of sorts such that you can find solutions later may be the trickiest part depending upon your requirements.


Both of the products mentioned by Roy have trials - probably would be a good idea to test out before committing to one or the other...


They both bring significant enhancements to the customization capabilities of ACT! but also offer various differing features...

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Re: Using ACT as a tech support tool

The knowledge base was one of the best features of Goldmine 6.5.  I've asked to have it added to ACT several times.  Please make the request to ACT for future releases.

John Purdy
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