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Using ACT 10 in a Server/Client environment

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Using ACT 10 in a Server/Client environment

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I've successfully installed ACT 10 on the Server (with the help of Matthew McFadden and Paul Buchtman, thank you two)

Now I'm trying to get 5 Clients to work with the central Database.


This is what I did:

On the Server: Created a new Database (Path: C:\ACT Name: CUSTOMERS)

On client1: Installed ACT10 the same way as on the server (except I deleted the SQLEXPR.exe to avoid having a SQL Server on every client)

After a successful installation I open ACT!, choose "Open Database..."

I enter the username and password for the CUSTOMER database

After a few seconds I get the following error message (attention this is a rough translation of the German output)

The folder with the additional database files CUSTOMER-database files couldn't be found in the folder CRMServer. Most likely there's a problem with the share, or the folder doesn't exist. Contact the database administrator ...

odd thing here is: CRMServer is the name of the Server and not a folder (see General Information at the end of this posting)


1) The share is there (My Computer -> Manage -> Shares lists the CUSTOMER-database files share)

2) I can browse through the CUSTOMER-database files folder (means there's no problem with a permission)


General Information:

Servername: CRMServer


(Mapped) Shares: C:\ACT->Act (Mapped as ZSmiley Happy and C:\ACT\CUSTOMERS-database files -> CUSTOMERS-database files

Windows Firewall turned off (on both the client and the server)

The LAN to LAN firewall rules have been disabled to ensure that any services can be used accross the internal network.


I'm quite clueless why it can't find that folder, the Windows Network works, I assume ACT uses TCP/IP to connect to the server. All firewalls are turned off and yet no luck. Is a server/client environment supposed to be set up this way or am I totally on the wrong track?


Any help appreciated



Edit: Switching from hostname to IP address in the PAD file and with actdiag solved the problem! Thread can be closed

Message Edited by r.kerster on 09-12-2008 07:48 AM

My ACT Version: 10.0.2 (German)
My ACT License: Premium EX
My SQL Server: MS SQL 2005 Developer Edition SP3 (English)
My Operating System: Windows 2003 Server SP2

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Re: Using ACT 10 in a Server/Client environment

Thank you for coming back and letting us know how you resolved the issue.