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User of ACT 10

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User of ACT 10

To who it may concern,


I am having an issue our company has elected to go with Sugar CRM.  I have tried to have an internal fight about using ACT.


The problem is that there are numeros issues with the program.  I am a member of the ACT FANATIC board in LINKEDIN and I osted a question there.


One of the responses for the issue I posted, was that ACT had put out a HOTFIX for taht problem.  Although I have various other issues, I am trying to tackle them one at a time.


I do the update in the act menu and it returns that it is up to date.  But looking at hotfixes I saw a hotfix 4 not sure if there are more.

So in my opinion the system is not to ate but reports that it is.  I copied the about box of the program and ahve pasted it below.


ACT! by Sage 2009 (11.0) Version, Hotfix 1
English (United States)
Sage Software, Inc.



I would like to know how I cn get hotfix 2 and on.  I am not sure if I have ACT PREMIUM or not.  The company purchased this license for meto play with and the errors I have had to report, company has temporarily gone with the other.  I want them to seriously look at ACT, but unitl I can report otherwise I am at odds.



please email me:





Peter Fraga

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Re: User of ACT 10

From the About information, you do not have the Premium version of Act! (the word Premium would be in the description).  Major updates will appear in the 'Act! Update' search, but hotfixes will not (since they generally don't need to be applied by all Act! users).


For information and a download link for the latest hotfix for Act! 2009, visit this link: Act! 2009 Hotfix download


Additionally, updates can be found in the 'Download Product Updates' section of this web page: Support Services



Greg Martin