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Use of vocie recognition software with ACT!

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Use of vocie recognition software with ACT!

Has anyone had a successful experience in combining the CRM prowess of ACT! with the productive eficiencies of voice recognition software (i.e. Nuance's Dragon NaturallySpeaking)? I'm interested in best practices/experiences in the use of VR technology for navigation within ACT! (keystrokes) as well as composing documeents (e-mail, letters, etc.).


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Re: Use of vocie recognition software with ACT!

I used to use Dragon to demo ACT!... look quite cool.


But I never found it accurate enough for real work. Maybe better now?


I don't see it much other than the Blind Society... so I guess it's something you might need to play with and see if it suits you

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Re: Use of vocie recognition software with ACT!

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I just purchased Dragon Naturally Speaking version 10 and I am using it right now to enter this response. I purchased the Preferred version which is apparently one level below the Enterprise version.  This version normally sells for $200 but Nuance is selling it for $100 "for a limited time".


I just purchased the software two days ago and so far I find it to be very useful. I called ACT! support line and they stated that Dragon Naturally Speaking was not officially supported by ACT! However, I purchased it anyways because I wanted to use it with other programs. Once I installed the product, I did try it with ACT! and so far it works well.  I have ACT! v11 and so far I have only used it with the ACT! e-mail editor and for creating histories/notes. I have not used the Dragon Naturally Speaking software for any type of control.


After speaking with a customer for any length of time, it was cumbersome to re-type my hand written notes into a history with ACT! because you can imagine how many different topics were covered during our conversation.  However, just re-reading my hand written notes into a microphone is much much faster.

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