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Urgent issue with not being able to access database... need to get into it today!!

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Urgent issue with not being able to access database... need to get into it today!!



I hope somebody can help me. I have recently had the issue of my old computer dying on me. I went out and bought a new laptop, installed ACT and transferred my ACT databases from my back up drive. I placed them in the folder that ACT stores the databases. Now when i tried to open one I got the error:


 "The database could not be accessed. In order to access this database, check your network connection and verify that your database server is available. It may be necessary to disable andy firewall software on you computer or the server." 


Now following instructions on the internet, this was because the 'host name' was different. So i edited the PAD file and changed the host to host="Jamie-PC" (my computer name). I also changed the location of the file. I am unsure about the last part that says type="sql" / so i left that. It still doesnt work. Then i followed instructions that said to go to services.msc and find SQL server (Act 7) and make sure it is running. This is where my problem is because it doesnt exist!!! I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling ACT three times now; i don't understand what sql server is so i wouldnt know how to uninstall and reinstall (or even what to reinstall) so i dont know if that is the issue.


I forgot to add that when i try to make a new database, it says:


 "Unable to connect to the database. There is an error connecting to the Microsoft SQL server"


Thank you for your help. Kindest Regards,



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Re: Urgent issue with not being able to access database... need to get into it today!!

Hello Jamie,

Welcome to the ACT! Online Community. Your issue would seem to indicate a damaged or missing install of the SQL service. Try following the instructions in the following Knowledgebase article to manually create the SQL instance for ACT!:


How to Manually Create the Microsoft® SQL Server® 2005 (Express Edition) ACT7 Instance


Before doing this:

Go to your Control Panel, then Add/Remove Programs (XP) or Programs & Features (Vista, Windows 7) and uninstall the following (if present):

- ACT!

- MSXML 6.0 Parser

- And application beginning with "Microsoft SQL Server"


Then reboot your machine, follow the steps in the KB article to manually create the SQL instance. Then install ACT!.

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.