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Upgrading our Act Program

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Upgrading our Act Program

HELP!  We are still using Act! 2005 -- the version I purchased in 2004 allowed up to 3 users.  I purchased Act! 2008 last year, but never upgraded any of the 3 computers.  Of course now Act! 2005 is no longer supported, so I MUST upgrade.  But I'm confused -- I had 3 CD's in the 2005 version -- this time I only have one.  I guess I thought buying one package would again give me the ability to have 3 users, but this is not the case??  Is "user" the same as a separate "license"?  Do I need to purchase 2 more copies of Act! 2008 and then upgrade all 3 computers at the same time?
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Re: Upgrading our Act Program

If you have 3 users you will need 3 licenses. If you are buying the standard version of ACT! you will get media (box with a CD inside) for each. However, in Australia at least, when buying premium you will just get one media kit and the one license key that is for the 3 users.


Remember that if you have bought ACT! previously you are entitled to the upgrade price which is cheaper.


Essentially, you need a license for each named user in the database. This usually equates to one license per pc but you are technically able to install the software on a second pc e.g. a laptop. This doesn't get you around the fact that you need a license for each user though. 

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