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Upgrading from Act 8.0 (2006) - Help!

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Upgrading from Act 8.0 (2006) - Help!

Hi there,


I've been tasked with looking into what might be a good version of Act Pro to upgrade to from 8.0, as this version causes us a lot of issues with external programmes like Word, Outlook, Excel....basically everything we might want to use!


Anyone got any advice?  We're not in a position to afford the most up to date version, so would be good to see what people think about upgrading, and how easy it is to migrate existing contacts etc.


(Btw, I am in no means a techie, so please keep things simple for me!)




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Re: Upgrading from Act 8.0 (2006) - Help!

Hi Rose, and welcome to the ACT Community.


By all means, upgrade to the latest version.  With the next version of ACT coming out in September, I believe, there will be no issues integrating with Office 2013.


Since it has been several versions, I would recommend that you entertain the help of an ACT Consultant (I am not one).  They are listed on their web page or several participate in this community.  A few extra dollars spent up front will keep you from a higher opportunity cost on the back end.


Hope this helps, but if you have more questions, please revisit the community and post your questions here. 


BTW, if you have a lot of questions, I would recommend that you enter each one seperately.  You will more likely get a greater response.


Good luck.

John Purdy
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Re: Upgrading from Act 8.0 (2006) - Help!

If you do not upgrade to the latest version you will not be able to use it with the latest versions of Office. Also versions over 3 years old are not supported and I am not sure you can legitimately buy an old version. Be careful it is not from someone who has upgraded to a current version as it will already be registered to that users company.


Upgrading should be easy enough as there is a wizard to help you but do reindex the old database first - Tools - Database Maintenance - Check and Repair.

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Re: Upgrading from Act 8.0 (2006) - Help!

What version of office are you trying to be compatible with?  That will determine what version(s) of ACT! you can use.

Mark Hammer
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