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Upgrading from Act 2009

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Upgrading from Act 2009

I have a customer who has been using Act 2009 (v11) for years, and he wanted to upgrade to the latest version of Act.

He's running in on a stand alone workstation using Windows 7.  He will be upgrading to Windows 10, which is why he wants to upgrade to the latest version of ACT.


My questions are:

1) Is Act v21 still available for purchase?  I can't seem to find it on your website.  Is the only option to use the subscription based Act 365 service?

2) If Act v21 is still available, can we just install it on the system and have it upgrade the current Act 2009 version?  ...or is too old, and there is intermediate version we have to upgrade to before that?

3) Are there are screenshots or demos we can look at before we upgrade to either Act v21 or Act 365?


This is the only info I found on your current versions, and I assume Act v21 is the latest: