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Upgrading from ACT! 2000 to ACT! 2009

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Upgrading from ACT! 2000 to ACT! 2009

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I want to buy the ACT! 2009 software.  Currently I am using ACT 2000 (ver. 5).  The reasons I am considering upgrading are 1. I may get a new computer with Vista and 2. I am considering a smartphone with windows mobile 6.1 and would need to sync with ACT.  Are these difficult tasks to accomplish?



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Re: Upgrading from ACT! 2000 to ACT! 2009

They shouldn't be difficult.  Along with purchasing ACT! 2009, you will receive free 30-day warranty support.  We will be able to assist you with installing ACT! on the new computer.


Currently, the highest supported Windows Mobile OS is 6.0.  You may want to look into CompanionLink or Handheld Contact.