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I've been using ACT since 1.1 DOS! In my experience the last good version of ACT! was 6.0. I have all of them upto 9.01 and they are dogs! In fact, I still use 6.0 for mission critical projects and 9.01 for other small jobs. Now, I have a Vista machine so 6.0 is out. Is there much of a performance benefit between 9 & 10? Useful features, etc. I really don't want to layout another $150.00 or so for another disappointing, almost useless application. Sorry if it sounds like I'm running the program down; but, since I've been using it since around 1986, I've earned the right! Paul
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Re: Upgrade?

If you hesitate to upgrade to ACT2008, you can download and apply latest patches for ACT2007, so it will work on a Vista computer.

Otherwise, you should have a look at new features tour to decide or not to upgrade:

Xavier Nyssen

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Re: Upgrade?

ACT! 2008 is the most stable and fastest version since 6.0... I love it and I've been using ACT! since 1.0 for DOS :-)
While 9.0 can run on Vista, 10 is a better choice and needed if planning on also upgrading Office to 2007
It does take a bit longer to open up than 6.0 but, providing you have enough RAM and a 7200 rpm or faster drive, it will be nearly as fast (faster in some areas or with a big database.
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Re: Upgrade? act 1.x looking for import1.exe file

Hi Paul,


Reading the blog and see your and ACT OLDY like me!


Ive been around act since dos 1.1 days (.mcs .lcs files) instead of .dbf files.


I am hoping someone in the act community has the file import1.exe as I am going to finally upgrade to a newer crm software.


Do you or anyone you know have access to the import1.exe file (unfortunately it is not on the symantec ftp site any longert) and I have searched on google with no luck.


I would supply you with a generous cash offering if you can find teh file for me.





Alan Gough


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Re: Upgrade? act 1.x looking for import1.exe file