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Upgrade questions

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Upgrade questions

I have 8 users on act 6 and need to move to a new version. Can I do an upgrade version of Act 10 or will I need to do the full version? I only have one remote user and its done via RDP not a VPN or web interface. The databases are stored on the

server and the work stations use the same databases. I also will need to convert the current databases over and a question is can I merge several databases into one either before of after they are converted. Also the phone dialer is a big deal for the

owner. He can not live with out it. We have a Thompson phone system here and I am not sure how to set it up myself but it is working now so would the upgrade stop the current dialer setup from working or would the settings and such carry over?

With money so tight these days I am on a shoe string budget and have to spend what little I am given in the most effective manner.

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Re: Upgrade questions

You should combine the ACT! 6.0 databases to one before converting.


See this for extra tips:


If the Windows dialer works with the phone system, then you should be fine. If not, you may need something like itDial -